My stories have received honors in the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition; the National Literary Awards at Salem College; the Nimrod Literary Awards: Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction; and the Southern California Review Fiction Prize. I have attended the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop, and I am also a member of SCBWI.

THE DREAMCATCHER is a contemporary YA love story about two childhood soulmates torn apart by fear and misunderstanding. Smith, a champion swimmer, and Mal, a girl who is allergic to wireless technology, find their way back to each other through a shared illness, electrical hypersensitivity syndrome.

THE FINAL BOW, originally published in the Southern California Review, Volume 1, Number 1

A story about a musician, a mentor, and the perilous nature of dual relationships.

This piece was a fluke in my writing process. It came out in one very intense creative "trance" one evening when I wasn't planning to write a story. I heard the narrator's voice in my head, and the rhythm of her dialogue tapped out a beat inside my head, like a heartbeat of the story I needed to tell. I wrote the story from beginning to end, with virtually no revision, in one sitting. 

THE LOOKING GLASS, originally published in Coach's Midnight Diner

A gothic story involving a priest, an opera house, and a glass of absinthe.

​This particular piece started out as an experiment in language. I had just finished reading a novel by Joyce Carol Oates and wanted to see how well I could create atmosphere with language. The characters came out of one of my languishing novel projects, and, to my amazement, they took on new life within the context of a seamy Victorian landscape. 

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