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My stories have received honors in the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition; the National Literary Awards at Salem College; the Nimrod Literary Awards: Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction; and the Southern California Review Fiction Prize. I have attended the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop, and I am also a member of SCBWI. I am represented by Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency.
LET ME BE YOUR WHY (working title)

All the Bright Places meets Five Feet Apart, LET ME BE YOUR WHY is a love story between an Olympic hopeful swimmer caught in a riptide of survivor guilt and his Chinese ex‑girlfriend, an outcast suffering from a rare allergy to wireless technology. Separated by family expectations, disability, and racial wounds of the past, can these star‑crossed lovers build a bridge between them before it’s too late, or will the history that haunts them tear them apart forever?

THE FINAL BOW, originally published in the Southern California Review, Volume 1, Number 1

A story about a musician, a mentor, and the perilous nature of dual relationships.

This piece was a fluke in my writing process. It came out in one very intense creative "trance" one evening when I wasn't planning to write a story. I heard the narrator's voice in my head, and the rhythm of her dialogue tapped out a beat inside my head, like a heartbeat of the story I needed to tell. I wrote the story from beginning to end, with virtually no revision, in one sitting. 

THE LOOKING GLASS, originally published in Coach's Midnight Diner

A gothic story involving a priest, an opera house, and a glass of absinthe.

​This particular piece started out as an experiment in language. I had just finished reading a novel by Joyce Carol Oates and wanted to see how well I could create atmosphere with language. The characters came out of one of my languishing novel projects, and, to my amazement, they took on new life within the context of a seamy Victorian landscape. 

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